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The chart package in mTAB has been given a complete update to include the additional charting and graphing options, more customization and control over creating visualizations in mTAB, and the ability to export the visualizations from mTAB into native, editable PowerPoint and Excel files. The actual data used to create the chart will be included in the PowerPoint or Excel files.

Getting Started - Select The Data Range

Highlight the Data Range

To start, setup your questions in rows, columns, etc. and click the lightning bolt.
You'll be taken to the spreadsheet view.
Next, select the data range that you want to create a chart from by highlighting the cells to include in the chart.

















Charts start2.png

If you want to include the entire contents of the spreadsheet, you can click the upper-left rectangle between the A & 1.










Select The Type of Data

Charts start3.png

If your data includes only one format, your selection will look similar to this example, where questions with only the 'Mean' format are used.
If you want to ignore the 'Formatted Total' column in your charts, check the box that says, Skip Formatted Totals.


Charts start4.png

If your data includes more than one format type (e.g. questions are formatted as 'Percentages', 'Mean', and 'Top 2 Box'), your selection will look similar to this second example.

Click OK to chart your data.

Working With The Different Chart Types

By default, your data will be displayed as a vertical bar chart. Click the different chart types to view your data as a different chart.

The chart gallery


For details on individual chart settings and options, visit our additional support page for the Chart Gallery.






Customizing Parts of the Chart

If you would like to make changes to selected data points or a series of data, first make a selection from the drop-down options.

Make Changes to Selected Data Points/Series


After specifying the individual point or series to customize, select from the Series/Points options located to the right of the drop-down menu.

  • Series Point Format
  • Marker Format
  • Data Point Label
  • Data Point Label Format


Exporting Charts

To export a chart from mTAB into either PowerPoint or Excel, click on the Export menu icon and specify your desired file to export. mTAB will export the file, automatically launch either PowerPoint or Excel, and open the exported file in the specified application.


Charts start5.png


You can also export your files using the menu options located in the m menu in the upper-left corner.


Charts start6.png