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Maximum and Minimum format styles are now available in mTAB. These new formats display the highest and lowest amounts of a ‘value’ question. Max and Min formats are especially useful when working with pricing analysis.

The Max and Min formats are accessible through the Format Styles Editor. For this example, a new format style will be created that includes Median, Max, and Min into one new format. You can substitute Median for a different format if desired. Click the Format Styles button, located to the right of the available format styles drop-down box.

Format max-min median-format.jpg

Click the New button.

Format maximum-and-minimum new-style.jpg

Give the new format a name. Click the [+] sign next to ‘Statistics.’ Select Maximum Value and/or Minimum Value. Click and drag or double-click on the Max/Min formats so that they will appear in the ‘Format Display Ordering’ box. Within the ‘Format Display Ordering’ box, rearrange the individual formats in any desired order, then click the OK button.

Format maximum-and-minimum new-style-max-and-min.jpg

Depending on your account preferences, you may be prompted to save this new format as either ‘Private’ or 'All Users' to share it with other mTAB users who belong to the same user group as you do. If this message box does not appear, the new format will automatically save as a ‘Private’ format.

Format maximum-and-minimum save-private-or-all-users.jpg

The New Format will appear in the Available Format Styles box. Click the Apply button.

Format maximum-and-minimum apply.jpg

The New Format Style should now appear as the format to be used in the format drop-down box. The tab is now ready to run with the new format.

Format max-min median,max,min-format.jpg

Note the newly created format with results displaying the maximum and minimum values.

Format max-min spreadsheet-max-min.jpg