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In the Verbatim Overview, we described the use of Verbatim Questions in general and, in Verbatim Filtering more specifically, how to use the available Verbatim Filtering tools that mTAB provides.

Verbatims tag-cloud buttons.jpg

The new “Verbatim Tag Cloud” view in Verbatim Reports enhances the analysis of the report by offering an immediate indication of the most prevalent words used within the verbatim cells displayed within the spreadsheet. The "tag cloud" is based upon single words that occur in the verbatim responses, with the most frequent appearing words displayed in the largest font.

Having run a Verbatim Report, we are faced with a spreadsheet. On the Verbatim ribbon, we now find an option offering the Verbatim Tag Cloud. Selecting this brings up the following dialog:

Verbatims tag-cloud cloud.jpg

This dialog lists out the most commonly occurring words from the Verbatim Report that was just run and indicates the frequency of occurrence by size and boldness. The largest and boldest being the most frequent. The number of words that are listed in this view can be controlled by the user, by simply adjusting the slider at the bottom of the dialog.

To further enhance the analysis of the Verbatim Report, simply clicking on any word displayed in the "tag cloud", will cause that word to be appended to the current Verbatim Filter (if any) and the spreadsheet display will change to show only verbatims in which that word occurs.

The "tag cloud" is automatically updated based upon the resulting spreadsheet and the drill-down process can be repeated as required, allowing unlimited, in-depth analysis of mTAB Verbatim Reports.

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