Enhanced copy old to new in recode editor

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When creating a recode, the number of new responses can often be quite daunting. Using the Copy Old To New function can often make the task more manageable and has now been enhanced with the ability to have Copy Old To New place the Old Items in a selected position within the new label list. This allows you to create an ordered list very efficiently. Here’s an example of when this could be used:

Let’s say we have a recode that was previously mapped for Brands H thru Z. We are now applying it to a new response table and the new table additionally includes Brands A thru G. We would like to create new labels on the right for these new brands and would like them in alphabetical order.

Recode enhanced-copy-old-to-new recode-editor.jpg

Before selecting our brands to copy, we click on the right in the position that we would like the new labels to be inserted at. In this case we click on Brand H. We then select the brands on the left that we wish to copy as usual and click on the Copy Old To New toolbar icon. The following dialog then appears.

Recode enhanced copy old to new in recode editor copy-dialog.jpg

Using either All or Selected Labels, we can now choose Add labels at current cursor position and the desired responses from the Old Labels will be added to the current cursor position in the New Labels. This feature provides you with the flexibility to create an ordered list quickly and easily.

NOTE: Just as with adding a single new label, using this 'Add labels at current position' option, should insert the labels ABOVE where the cursor currently is in the new label column.