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Within many studies that you deal with, the number of Topics/Questions can be quite daunting and can scroll well off of the visible page. However, sometimes the analysis that you are about to put together may focus only on certain areas of the survey. Therefore, it would be more efficient for you to not scroll up and down such a long list.

You may decide that, although the number of topics is not that long, you wish to focus your attention on a certain area. For example, you are not interested in seeing any topics relating to Previously Purchased or Other Brands. You may even decide that you wish to limit the questions in a topic. For instance, you wish to remove Occupation and Income in Demographics. To hide an item, right click on the item and select Hide.

By doing so, your view would change from the image to the right to the following more organized view. Areas where something has been hidden are signified by a magnifying glass.

Other hide-topics magnifyglass.jpg
Other hide-topics-questions-in-the-question-view drop-down-menu.jpg

Right-clicking on a magnifying glass brings up a menu that offers the choice to unhide the items that were hidden in that area of the tree.

Simply clicking on Unhide returns that area of the tree to its original state.

Also on this menu are options to allow you to save the hiding preferences that you have set up. Doing so will mean that each time you open mTAB and select this study, the Topic/Question view will appear with the items hidden as you have saved it.

The final item on the menu is an option to clear the hiding preferences that you have set for a study. Once this is selected, all hiding currently set for that study will be removed and will not appear again next time it is selected.