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mTAB has undergone a major renovation to what used to be the 3rd Level selection view and this will now be referred to as Layer. The functionality of the original 3rd level remains intact, but the Layer feature now extends this functionality to provide for nesting of a question or studies Inside the Rows of any mTAB cross tab.

Single Question, Inside Row

Our example below shows a single question representing an education definition that will be placed Inside the Rows of an mTAB cross tab.

Layer introduction-to-layer single-question,inside-row.jpg

Notice the ability to display the “Layered” question or study orientation Inside the Column or as Outside Worksheets (formerly Z-axis) is still available as in the previous versions of mTAB.

Additionally, a Layer can be created from a Single Question, Multiple Studies or Both. Like the previous version of mTAB, selection of “Both” automatically combines data sets with simultaneous use of a study question.

Below is the result of the Segment report showing Mean scores. The Layer showing educational definitions is nested in the rows beneath Brand A, Brand B, Brand C, etc.

Layer introduction-to-layer single-question,inside-row-spreadsheet.jpg

Multiple Studies, Inside Row

The Layer selection view can also be used to select Multiple Studies and as with the single question above, the orientation can now additionally be set to place each study Inside the Rows.

Layer introduction-to-layer multiple-studies.jpg

In this image, the radio button for Multiple Studies and the previous study year are selected. Inside Rows is still selected as the Orientation Option.

Pictured below are the results of a Study Layer Inside Rows.

Layer introduction-to-layer multiple-studies-spreadsheet.jpg

Single Question, Inside Row - Controlling the Column %s

Depending on the desired output of a Layer, it may be necessary to create a specific Layer Format option using the Format Style Editor.

Shown below is the default output of a crosstab where Marital Status is the Layer, Inside the Row. The Column % is based within the row response. Among Male, Brand A Owners, 79.4% are Married. Among Female Brand A Owners, 61.6% are Married.

Layer introduction-to-layer column-percentage-before.jpg

The percentages can be based from the total response by using the Format Style Editor for the selected Row question (Gender).

The Optional Parameter Calc Layer %s from Totals is used to create a new Row format using the Format Style Editor.

Layer introduction-to-layer column-percentage-new-format.jpg

The results now show Columns %‘s that are based on the total sample. The 7 categories making up Gender and Marital Status sum to 100%.

Layer introduction-to-layer column-percentage-after.jpg