Optimizing Java for mTAB

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As a Java based application, it is possible to see a Java error when launching mTAB. In most cases, simply going to www.java.com and installing the latest version of Java will take care of the issue. However, there are some error messages that may occur where we have found an easier solution.

If you have logged in to mTABm and mTAB does not launch, please make note which of the following error messages you receive:

Application Error

  • Cannot Access The Application File
  • Java Web Start Error: Unsigned application requesting unrestricted access to system

Please complete the following steps which will clear the cache in your web browser and Java.

STEP 1 – Clear the web browser cache

Clear the temporary Internet files from your web browser. Each web browser is slightly different in this process. For example, the following instructions are for Internet Explorer.

From the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

Other optimizing-Java-for-mTAB internet-options.jpg

NOTE: Some browsers may not have a Tools menu. Try clicking the Settings icon instead.

Under the General section, click the Delete button for the Browsing History.

Other optimizing-Java-for-mTAB delete-browsing-history.jpg

The delete options will appear. It is very important to select the Temporary Internet Files. It is also suggested that you clear your History and Cookies. Click the Delete button to clear the web browser cache.

Other optimizing-Java-for-mTAB delete-temporary-internet-files.jpg

STEP 2 – Clear the Java cache

Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
Other optimizing-Java-for-mTAB start-control-panel.jpg

Click the Java icon.

Other optimizing-Java-for-mTAB control-panel-java.jpg

In the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Settings button.

Other optimizing-Java-for-mTAB java-settings.jpg

In the Temporary Files Setting dialog that pops up, select Delete Files. Then select all three checkboxes (Trace and Log Files, Cached Applications and Applets, and Installed Applications and Applets) and click OK.

Other optimizing-Java-for-mTAB delete-files.jpg

Close any open web browsers or Java windows. Then try logging into mTAB again.

NOTE: For Windows 7 users, after clicking the start button in mTAB, a Windows Firewall message may appear. It is important that you allow access to mTAB.