How to edit short study descriptions

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When trending or combining Multiple Studies using the Layer selection view, some elements previously visible using check boxes are now available by right clicking in the Layer panel. “Include Combined Studies Total” and “Use Short Study Descriptions” will be marked by a check mark when activated through the right-click menu.

Layer how-to-edit-short-study-descriptions use-short-study-descriptions.jpg

Selection of “Edit Short Descriptions” will allow editing of all active multiple studies through a single table. By default, mTAB uses a standard Study ID (eg. DEMOCURRENT, DEMOPREV, etc), but the user can change the short description for further clarification.

Layer how-to-edit-short-study-descriptions edit.jpg

Any cross tab reports with multiple studies during the mTAB session will then use the Short Description you have selected. In this image, the new descriptions, Current and Last Year, replace the automatic study descriptions, DEMOCURRENT and DEMOPREV.

Layer Edit-short-descriptions spreadsheet.jpg