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In the previous article Applying a conditional format, we discussed the benefits of the Conditional Formatting system in the mTAB environment. Through the use of this function, it is possible for the analyst to call out items of interest through the use of color.

While in the Conditional formatting dialog, the Show Applied Formatting box displays a full listing of all formatting that has been applied.

Conditional-formatting auto-legend condtional-formatting.jpg

However, it was not immediately apparent what each color denoted in the spreadsheet.

Cond-formatting auto-legend cond-format-spreadsheet.jpg

The Auto Legend function takes care of this by placing a legend at the bottom of the spreadsheet, listing each of the colors and describing the numeric range to which it is applied.

Cond-formatting auto-legend view-legend.jpg

Exporting the spreadsheet to an Excel File places this same legend at the bottom of the exported file.

Conditional-formatting auto-legend excel.jpg

And the same is true when the spreadsheet is exported in HTML format.

Conditional-formatting auto-legend HTML.jpg