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MyTabs is the way that mTAB allows users to view, organize and access all of the saved tabs that are available to them. We have added a Date field that can be used for sorting, making it a breeze to bring the most recently created items into view.

By clicking the Date header, the MyTabs list will be sorted by Date, Descending — bringing the most recently modified studies to the top.

Save-export mytabs-sort-by-date sort-date.jpg

Clicking once more will sort MyTabs by Date, Ascending — bringing the oldest studies to the top.

Save-export mytabs-sort-by-date open-tab-sort.jpg

The sort by Date feature also has the same functionality in the Open Tab and Save Tab windows.

By right-clicking anywhere inside the white box or on a particular tab, the context menu will appear which now has the options Sort by Date, Ascending and Sort by Date, Descending.