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You can think of responses to survey questions as either "structured", meaning a respondent has provided a response or responses from a list provided to them as part of the survey, or "unstructured" meaning the respondent provided a verbatim or textual response to a survey question.

An example of an structured survey question would be: "Please select your purchased product from the following list". An example of an unstructured survey question would be: "Please comment as to why our service did not meet your needs".

mTAB supports the analysis of unstructured survey questions including the ability to cross tabulate unstructured survey questions with structured questions, and view unstructured questions of a filtered set of respondents based upon the filter criteria of structured questions.

In this way, an analyst can limit the number of unstructured responses to review (i.e. read over) by filtering down the respondent cases to a specific criteria like "unsatisfied with the sales experience".

mTAB's verbatim report view, which exposes unstructured question responses, can be exported to a spreadsheet. The tag cloud feature within mTAB's verbatim report view can help quantify the analysis of the displayed unstructured survey responses.

How to use verbatim questions

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Bigrams, Trigrams and Porter Stemming

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