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To do: Webinars Placeholder

Periodically we at mTAB like to offer online webinars to our clients, covering specific areas of interest within our software. We understand that not everyone will be able to attend these sessions when they take place and so below we have listed out the webinars that we have provided so far and clicking on any one of these will take you to a recorded version of that session.

Along with all of the recordings, you will also have the opportunity to access a PDF copy of the slides that accompanied the session.

mTAB Webinar: mTAB Spreadsheet View Tools

PDF: Spreadsheet View Tools - Presentation Slides

mTAB Webinar: mTAB Verbatim Reporting

PDF: Verbatim Reporting - Presentation Slides

mTAB Webinar: mTAB Formatting and Significance Testing

PDF: Formatting and Significance Testing - Presentation Slides

mTAB Webinar: mTAB Recoding and Trending Across Time

PDF: Recoding and Trending - Presentation Slides

Webinars are a new venture for mTAB and as such we have only just begun to assemble them. Check back now and then to see the most recent additions.