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mTAB's slice feature provides the ability to export respondent level data into software application.

mTAB's slice functionality will be enabled for the selected primary study of that study has slice permissions. Not every mTAB study can utilize the slice feature, for example, syndicated surveys are often precluded from the ability to slice respondent level data as directed by the owner of the syndicated survey data.

Assuming slice is enabled for a study, the user can export the respondent level data for selected questions, including limiting the respondents to those passing a specified filter. Further, the actual number of respondents exported can be randomized from the total number of possible respondents, meaning that separate "control" and "test" exports can be created.

mTAB's slice feature works as a batch operation, meaning that a user creates a slice requests, and then waits for the "job" to complete, after which the data files associated with the job can be downloaded to the user's computer.

How to use Slice

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Importing a SLICE file into SPSS

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