Setting the default to the column pane

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Until now, the mTAB user interface has started with the Row Pane as the initial active pane. Setting the initial mTAB view to Columns instead of Rows is now a user specific preference setting. This allows each user to further customize mTAB by starting with the Column pane active instead of the Row pane when mTAB initially opens.

First, from the View menu, select Global Preferences.

Other setting-the-default-to-the-column-pane global-preferences.jpg

Under the Environment tab you will see an option for Default Question Selection View. By default it will be set to Rows. Set it to Columns instead and click OK.

Other setting-the-default-to-the-column-pane change-to-columns.jpg

With this option set, each time you open mTAB, the right hand pane will default to having columns as the active pane. The user can tell that the columns pane is active because it is bold.

Other setting-the-default-to-the-column-pane columns-active.jpg