Importing new labels into a recode

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The process of creating a Recode has been streamlined even further by using the Import New Labels feature. Import New Labels allows you to copy and paste existing text into mTAB to use as new labels.

New labels are required in a Recode and up until now, to create new labels, the ‘Add New Label’ feature was used to type in new text labels.

To streamline this process of entering new labels, you can use the Import New Labels feature.

Recode importing-new-labels add-new.jpg

Copy an existing list of labels from another source, such as a report, e-mail message, spreadsheet, or other electronic file, then switch back to the Recode screen in mTAB.

Recode importing new labels into a recode copy-from-other-file.jpg

Right-click in the ‘New Labels’ section within the Recode and select Import New Labels.

Recode importing new labels into a recode select-import.jpg

Paste that copied list into the Import New Labels screen and click OK.

Recode importing new labels into a recode paste-new-labels.jpg

The New Labels for the Recode will populate with the copied text.

Recode importing-new-labels new-labels.jpg

Proceed with the next steps of creating a Recode:

  • Drag the Old Labels on top of the New Labels to create the mapping association.
  • Give the Recode a name.
  • Save the Recode.
Recode importing-new-labels map-labels.jpg

Your newly created Recode is now ready to use.

Recode importing new labels into a recode finished-recode.jpg

The Import New Labels feature is particularly useful when an extensive list of New Labels needs to be created in a Recode; such as segmentation, model lists, income brackets, age brackets, etc.