Meaning of (MK)(G1)?

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We have a few abbreviations and acronyms we employ to make mTAB easier.

(MK) - This indicates a multiple response question. When you see this at the end of a question you should be aware that the responses may add up to more than 100%.

(G1) - This indicates a group question. Group questions work differently and cannot be combined with other groups so it is important to distinguish them from one another. If there is a dominant group question that the other questions in the group need to be run against, it is usually the first one in a list and may be indicated by a (DG1).

(BR) - This is used to indicate that a numeric table has "breaks" or "ranges" rather than every possible response. So instead of having 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 all separately, you may just see a "1 thru 5" response.

? - This is often used to indicate a yes/no question.

In addition to this, the current version of mTAB also makes use of a number of question icons to differentiate between question types. These are explained in Understanding the icons in mTAB.