Verbatim Filtering

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mTAB addded powerful new set of advanced filtering options to the Verbatim Report Options box. The filtering options has been updated and offers 4 options, which can be used either individually or in combination. The boxes work in the same manner as other search boxes.

Verbatims verbatim-filter filter.jpg
  • with all the words – every word typed has to be in the verbatim for it to be included, order does not matter.
  • with the exact phrase – all words typed must be in the verbatim in that exact order for it to be included.
  • with at least one of the words – verbatim can contain all or a portion of the words typed as long as it has at least one.
  • without the words – this field is used on it’s own as well as in conjunction with the other three fields. Only those verbatim that do not have the words typed in this field will be included in the tab.

In addition, within any of the fields, you can use “ ” symbols to delimit a phrase and can use the words AND or OR to combine items.

Please keep in mind that in a phrase utilizing quotes, “quality and style” for example, the and is considered a string that will be included in the search, however, if you were to enter “quality” and “style”, the filtering engine would take the and as an operator and look for both of the quoted items. Commas can also be used in the at least one word box to separate the words. By combining these four options, the user has complete control over what is included in their report.