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When you use mTAB, you’ll enjoy the piece of mind that only our security infrastructure can provide.

We recognize the importance of the security of your data and have put into place controls to ensure your confidential and proprietary information will only be able to be accessed by individuals who are explicitly authorized to view that information.

Security Measures

Among other security measures, mTAB provides:

  • Experienced, professional engineers dedicated to data and systems protection.
  • Continuous deployment of proven and up-to-date security technologies, including proprietary solutions developed by mTAB.
  • Total commitment to a secure, stable and private, co-located system managed by mTAB.

Information Access Control

To provide both centralized administration and management, the mTAB Data Server allows an administrator to establish access control via groups that govern access to studies made available through mTAB. After a user is authenticated, the mTAB Server can limit access to only those resources that have been made available to that user group.

User Access Control

Secure Socket Layer, or “encrypted” web traffic transmission is automatically deployed throughout the system. This includes encrypted username/passwords during authentication and all data transfers between the server and the client. There are no administrative consequences to this additional security level.

mTAB Databases

As served on mTAB, the databases are not directly accessible as a file or files by the user and therefore cannot be downloaded and examined by the user.

Perimeter Defense

The network perimeter is protected by firewalls and monitored by intrusion detection systems. In addition mTAB continuously monitors and analyzes security logs to proactively identify security threats.

Data Security

Precautions have been taken to minimize physical access to the data associated with mTAB. Access to data is controlled at the operating system level.

Internal Systems Security

Inside the perimeter firewalls, systems are safeguarded by port redirection, Network Address Translation (NAT), non-routable IP address schemes and more. The specific details of these features are proprietary.

Operating System Security

mTAB enforces tight operating system-level security by using a minimal number of access points to all production servers. We protect all operating system accounts with strong passwords. All servers are maintained at the vendor’s recommended patch levels and recommendations for security. The servers are further secured by disabling or removing all unnecessary users, protocols, and processes.

Reliability and Backup

All data is backed up on a nightly basis. Disaster recovery plans are in place and tested on a consistent basis. Daily incident status and audit reports allow our engineers to proactively respond to any problems that may occur.