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mTAB allows any number of questions to be selected as the filter and used as a criteria for a respondent level filter. mTAB's subset editor is used to identify the selected filter question's responses that comprise the filter criteria.

For example, selection of the question "Marital Status" as a filter will prompt the user to select from the possible Marital Status question responses. If the user selects the response "Married" then each subsequent tab run will be limited to the respondents that selected the "Married" Marital Status question response.

Whenever you filter, remember that the filter eliminates ALL respondents who do not match the filter criteria from your tab. That means the respondents will be eliminated from the rows, columns, layer, and groups.

It is possible to combine multiple questions into the filter using AND, OR and NOT logic, please refer to the Filter Logic summary below.

Further, multiple response, or "check all that apply" questions expose a number of additional options within the subset editor when filtering, such as "any N number" of question response selections.

Filter description options

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Filter Logic

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Filter and Group Filter Logic

Ignore Filter

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Allows users to compare filtered and unfiltered data