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Changing the Font Size

Users are now able to change the font size themselves in mTAB by adjusting a few settings under Global Preferences. Changes in font size will apply to text and labels in the mTAB application as well as the data results in the spreadsheet view.

This allows for more flexibility, so each individual user can customize their experience in mTAB. With a large variation in monitor sizes and display preferences, each user can control how large or small their font size will display in mTAB.

Change font size global prefs.png

Start by going to the View menu, then click the Global Preferences icon.

Set ss base font.png

The Global Preferences window will appear.
Click on the Spreadsheet section, then click on the Set Spreadsheet Base Font button.



Ss font auto.png

Under the Size options, confirm that it is set to Automatic.
If a font size value such as 12 is currently being used, change that setting to Automatic, then click OK.



Change font global prefs settings.png

Next, go to the Environment section.
Find the User Interface Font Size setting, located at the bottom of the options.

Change font global prefs setttings resize.png

The default font size will be set to 12.

Change the User Interface Font Size setting to something higher than 12 if you want a larger font.

Change the setting to a value lower than 12 for a smaller font.

Click the Apply button to preview the new font size.

Click the Close button to exit mTAB and apply the settings.

Change font global prefs close.png

You will be required to close the session of mTAB that you currently have open before the changes are applied.

If you want to wait for a more convenient time to restart, you can delay closing mTAB down by clicking No.

After clicking No, you can continue working and the font size changes will be applied the next time you close mTAB and restart it.

Be sure to save your before proceeding. Clicking Yes will automatically close mTAB down.
You will need to re-launch mTAB.



Change font resize5.png

After mTAB opens, you should notice your font size changes in both the application labels and text and also in the spreadsheet results.



Change font ss6.png